The Essential Nature of Massage

Humans beings thrive from the essential nature of touch. From our first moments  outside of the womb, we are held close to the warmth and rhythmic cadence of being alive! Peripheral nerves diffused throughout our skin surfaces and hair follicles relay information  about the environment in which we live to our central nervous system. We connect and interact through touch and it’s absence in our lives can have profound effects on our mood, cognition and our ability to handle pain and dysfunction.

COVID pandemic necessitated social distancing, stay at home and self-isolation orders so that the vulnerable among us may avoid the deadly consequences of the disease.  During this time, many people began to experience the side effect from the lack of touch or meaningful social interaction. Let’s remind ourselves of the beneficial effects of therapeutic touch, body work and energy medicine during this healing journey. The essential nature of massage helps ease the  discomforts and restore balance…here’s an excerpt from an article in Psychology Today that adds dimension to our discussion,

Sharon K. Farber Ph.D says..”The body-oriented approaches are based on a principle that is becoming more obvious to researchers. Ken Wilbur wrote in The Spectrum of Consciousness, “For every mental ‘problem’ or ‘knot,’ there is a corresponding bodily ‘knot;’ and vice versa since, in fact, the body and the mind are not two. That is, psychic conflict, guiltshame, unresolved grief all can be lodged in the body as body memories, and when the site of the psychic difficulty is deeply touched through massage or other manipulation, it can not only release the physical pain but may make the psychic pain accessible.”

As a dynamic modality, massage has shown effective relief from simple touch, energetic work as well as therapeutic manipulation of tissues. Let’s move through these moments with compassion and kindness towards each other as we promote postive healing touch!

Be Well




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