Celebrating Health in the Time of COVID-19

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of the opening of Inthera Massotherapy LLC as an integrative massage practice, it was my goal to provide high quality care with compassion and concern for the whole being!

Rather than a large celebratory party , I feel reflective after the entire traumatic year of 2020 . In those moments, I am grateful for the health of my clients and my ability to facilitate their positive health outcomes. I look forward to working with my clients as well as being excited about accepting new clients in 2021 and beyond

I am also grateful for the opportunity to work and support the community by offering massage services at local health and wellness events,

This gratitude extends to the strong community support of my colleagues in our local massage industry, we rallied strongly around each other to provide emotional support, legal/financial advice and much more! Thank you!

I believe that there are always moments to seek celebration through connections that enhance our health, our well-being especially during times of crises. Let’s stay in touch!

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