Cancellations Policy: I understand that emergencies, illnesses and sometimes absent-minded distraction can get in the way of best laid plans. Cancelling an appointment should not come with a penalty. As our valued client, I’m sure we can provide a time more convenient for you. Here are a few guidelines to make sure everything runs smoothly

  • Kindly give at least 24 hr notice if possible. If you booked an online appointment, you have the convenience of self-cancellation
  • ┬áRunning a little late is not a problem, however if past 15 minutes the treatment time may be shortened according the discretion of the therapist and other clients on the schedule
  • Absent mindedness happens to all of us. But in the event of 2 no-call no-shows, we will require 25% deposit before booking the next appointment. Visa, MC, Discover cards accepted.
  • If I have to cancel your appointment due to illness or emergency, you will receive 15% discount on your next hour long appointment or free upgrade to an existing appointment!

*PLEASE NOTE NEW ADDRESS: 1101 Portage Trail ext. W. Ste 4 Cuyahoga Falls, 44313

Phone Contact: 1-330-701-6298


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