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The Flow™ 

The Flow™ is a series of services that address a variety of concerns from stress reduction to pain relief and injury recovery. Lomi inspired  Flow Massage uses different meditative and breathing techniques  that will also enhance this experience. All services within the Flow Series are conveniently priced as follows: Redeem an instant gift certificate for $10.00 off your first  hour or longer massage in the Flow Series!

    • 30 minutes-$35.00
    • 60 minutes -$70.00
    •  90 minutes-$105.00
    • Bundle and save 10% on a package of 4 services!
    • Senior and/or veterans receive 10% discount* on services longer than 60 minutes

Swedish Flow™-The perfect choice for those new to massage or those needing release of muscular tension brought on by increased nerve firing and irritability. Bonus skincare with the use of premium oils and cremes

Aroma Flow™-Using  essential oils in massage has a long and connected history. Beyond the fragrant joy, essential oils have been studied extensively and have been shown to provide emotional, and physical benefits. I hand-craft my own balms using premium ingredients!

  •  Air/Fire-Energizing, uplifting
  • Water/Earth-Connecting, nurturing
  • Pain Relief-Soothing, relieving
  • Upgrade your experience and add a steamed herbal compress to any service in this series-Value Added Service price-$10.00

Deep Flow™– Targeted and deeper work into the tissues often using tools such as cupping,  hot or cold stones for point work,  joint mobility and vibration, etc. Perfect choice for those who are active and experience muscle fatigue, tight fascia and trigger points. Introducing Thera-Modules to help address  specific orthopedic or postural concerns such as Frozen Shoulder, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, sciatica and many more  Thera-Modules are designed around  30 minute intervals with focused treatment options.


Thai Massage

We are THE CHOICE of THAI MASSAGE in Akron/Canton area!! We specialize in the Northern style Thai Massage as it was developed in the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Ma, Thailand. Long considered an energy-based healing tradition, Thai massage uses acupressure, joint stretches, rocking and assisted asanas/yoga postures to facilitate the flow of energy along the sen lines.  What we would call massage or bodywork is part of the traditional medical training in Thailand. The primary focus is the manipulation of energy through the sen lines located throughout the body. Because the Thai healing systems are deeply interwoven, this modality  uniquely expresses metta(or lovingkindness) The client is fully clothed and minimal oils or lotions are used. Perfect for active/athletic clients looking for an modality that goes deeper than a typical sports massage. Priced according to session length

 Tok Sen 

Tok Sen is a unique and effective form of Thai Massage that originated among the Lanna region in Northern Thailand. Tok refers to ‘hammer, to clear or take off’ and ‘Sen’ refers to the energy lines as envisioned by Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM). The tools are wooden and they produce a warming vibrational energy as the hammer strikes the pestle in a soothing and rhythmic motion. Tok Sen works deep along the sen lines to promote energy flow. It is also very effective in relieving tight fascia and trigger points! This therapy is often used with warming oils to help relieve tight and stiff muscles. Can be performed on the mat or massage table. Clients are encouraged to wear loose tank top/sports bra and shorts

  • 60 minutes-$85.00
  • Senior and/or veterans receive 10 % discount*

 Traditional Thai Massage-Performed on the traditional kapok(natural cotton- like material that is hypoallergenic) mat or massage table, the longer session length enhances the full benefits of energetic bodywork with clients who are seeking to increase performance, flexibility and sense of well-being. Redeem an instant gift certificate for 20% off your first Traditional Thai Massage!

  • 60 minutes-$75.00
  • 90 minutes-$112.50
  • 120 minutes-$150.00(includes steamed herbal compress)
  • Bundle and save 10% on a package of 4 services!

Thai Foot Massage-Continuing the energy work through the sen lines and reflex points on the feet, Thai Foot Massage offers a therapeutic approach that helps tone ligaments/tendons and fascia in the feet and ankles. This treatment begins with traditional foot cleansing! Enhance the experience with paraffin treatment

  • 45 minutes Paraffin and Thai Foot Massage-$55.00
  • 60 minutes-$75.00(includes steamed herbal compress) 
  • Bundle and save 10% on a package of 4 services!
  • Senior and/or veteran receive 10% discount* for treatments longer than an hour

Chair Massage

Thai massage and myo-skeletal techniques are combined to provide  effective relief from tension and dis-tress. This can be a great lunchtime option or part of corporate wellness program!  Because of the affordable price, there is 15 minute minimum when using this treatment option.

  • $1.10 a minute
  • Corporate and private party rates are also available

Soothing Warmth

Paraffin  Wrap Treatment-Soothe those aching  joints in your hands, elbows and feet. The warm penetrating heat of paraffin will help ease joint pain and restore circulation and mobility. In addition, paraffin wax treatments helps soften skin and maintain natural dermal elasticity  Perfect for arthritis sufferers, craftspeople, drummers and post-surgical recovery. Add this treatment with Thai Foot Massage for an enhanced experience!

  • 30 minutes-$15.00
  • 45 minutes Paraffin + Thai Foot Massage-$55.00
  • Senior and/or veteran’s receive 10% discount* for treatment lasting longer than an hour
  • Bundle and save 10% on a package of 4 services!

 Sa Wan/Steamed Herbal Compress– A steamed herbal recipe bound within a cotton ball, this is an intensely relaxing and penetrating treatment. It used along acupressure points in Thai massage but is great to use with other massage modalities. The compresses may also be used at home! * Our infection control policies prohibit the return and re-steaming of compresses brought in from outside the studio. They can be re-used at home for 2-3 uses. You may compost the used debris and recycle the muslin cloth*

  • $15.00 when purchased individually
  • $10.00 when added to existing treatment and services


Gentle Touch™ Respite Care

Gentle Touch ™ is a special program designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of caregivers and their loved ones. As a professional caregiver, I empathize with the compassionate dedication of caregivers who need a respite to recharge and refocus their efforts to provide quality care. Let me help you! This is an affordable, easy access to healthcare that is non-invasive, painless and supportive. Benefits include reduction of pain and dysfunction of arthritis, minimize edema(swelling) in the feet and legs, but most importantly provide a sense of well-being!

  • Free Paraffin Wrap Treatment+Therapeutic Foot Massage-$35.00**


Reiki has gained popularity among clients who are seeking holistic mind-body-spirit experience. Reiki(Ray-Key) is credited as  a Tibetan healing system with a deep history  that is believed to reach back for thousands of years. In Japan, Dr. Mikao Usui re-discovered this healing art in the late 1800s. All current Reiki practitioners can trace their lineage to the Usui Method. Reiki is translated to mean “spiritually guided life force energy” , I practice Reiki treatments with gentle hands-on approach that is believed to channel or direct life force energy for the recipient as well as the giver. Reiki is subtle yet powerful as it works on all levels of being:physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki is safe and non-invasive with clients remaining fully clothed during treatment. Reiki Flow™ layers the intentional flow of Reiki energy over Swedish  and Lomi inspired massage techniques. This is ideal for clients who’ll enjoy a deeper relaxation experience.

  • 60 minutes-$50.00

Reiki Flow ™

  • 60 minutes-$75.00
  • 90 minutes-112.50
  • Seniors and/or veterans receive 10% discount* on full 1 hour treatment
  • Bundle and save 10% on a package of 4 services!

*May not be combined with other promotional discounts. Not interchangeable with Groupon*

** Senior Discount already applied to this service**

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